Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zodiac Hoodie Dolls

The Zodiac Hoodie Dolls started out as a game for my daughter's second birthday party. I wanted to create twelve, well thirteen because we can't forget the cat, and hide them all over the house for her to find. I even made a big poster will all the little guys on them so she knew what to look for. Unfortunately I did not come up with the idea till 4 days before her birthday. I tried my best but I was only able to design and make 6 of them. I was very sad, but she still loved finding the ones that I had made. I loved how they turned out so much that I figured others may like them, esp if they are like me and love things like the story behind the Chinese Zodiac. Of course I couldn't just sell the dolls without the fun info that there is about that particular zodiac. So with each little guy I make a hand water colored card that holds all sorts of fun info in it. Like the years for that animal, their colors, traits, Japanese word for the animal, who they are compatible with and a lot more. There is even a paragraph or two describing the personality of the animal you receive. I have had a blast making these little guys, but I do have to say with my list of things to do I have only been able design a few new ones, but once a week I introduce one new Zodiac. Last week was the Monkey. I will give a proper intro on here to the following animals that are already up and ready to go though. So without further adieu here they are.....

The Horse, the 7th Zodiac

The Tiger, the 3rd Zodiac

The Monkey, the 9th Zodiac

The Rabbit, the 4th Zodiac

The Rat, the 1st Zodiac

The Ox, the 2nd Zodiac

The Snake, the 6th Zodiac

The Dragon, the 5th Zodiac

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