Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exciting News!!!! Hot*Pop

Exciting news for those in the Milwaukee area. My plushies can now be purchased at the Hot*Pop shop located in the Historic Ward downtown. It is a great shop, they have tons of fun things that I have a hard time not buying it all when I am in there. I mean check out this little cutie I picked up last time I was there.
She is a momiji doll, they have so many cute ones to choose from

I know those are knitting needles not crochet hooks, but close enough. The black cat sold me since I have a sweet little black kitty for real, and I am pretty sure my head is one big ball of yarn these days. Any way the shop is selling a lot of my Studio Ghibli Art Dolls ( I know I have not formally introduced those on here yet but it is coming), and a couple of Hoodies. Please go in and check it out, not to just check out my stuff but the store is really great too. Check out their website for their address and blog.

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