Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Old Characters

My Dango Family Original Pattern from Clannad
So I figured I would start of by posting some of my older crochet items. Most of them were gifts to my children or specific things that they asked for, and me being the Mommy with all the time in the world I most definitely just dropped everything I was doing to make a pattern and crochet these lovelies for them. I know, where is my "Best Mom of the Year Award". Maybe it is in the mail. Who knows. Any way on to the good stuff, here are some pics.
Dango X-mas Orn. Original Pattern

Husbands Black Mage Orn

1 UP Orn

Doll I Designed for My Daughters 2nd B-day

Black Mage Blanket, Still Not Done. :p

Boots the Monkey, His face is not right I need to try again

Luigi Original Pattern

Not Crochet but they turned out so cute I had to show

Mine Craft Man, Work Bench and Creeper

Mine Craft Man's Tools

Princess Zelda

Goomba not an original Pattern from

My Daughter's Hello Kitty Scarf

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Hat

Super Mario Star Scarf

Moogle Orn.

Panda I also made for Daughter's 2nd Bday

Bear Head Blanket made for my soon to be born niece

Painting I did for niece upon sisters request. I do not know the original artist name or where my sister found this but it is not a Danielle Original

Quilt for my niece that I designed and put together. I have never quilted in my life but it turned out pretty cute if I do says so myself

Hat for niece

Another painting for niece do not know who Original artist is

Watercolor I did for Sister's Baby shower

Yeah he isn't crochet either but I love him so much he is the doll Arietta from Tales of the Abyss holds

Mario Original Pattern

No Face from Spirited Away Orn
Dangos and Moogle Original Flower power from pattern same as Goomba
Hmmmm now that was more then I thought there was. Hopefully you will enjoy looking at these guys. All the things here are original works and patterns unless stated other wise. If you are looking for some great free patterns check out She is extremely talented and has patterns from Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, and tons of other fun things. It is where I go when I am lazy and don't feel like figuring out a pattern for myself, hence my "Flower Power", and "Goomba". Now to post some of my Bears, Hoodies, and Ghibli Dolls. :)

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