Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Introduction, or Something Like That

Hi, my name is Danielle, welcome to my blog. I plan to use this blog to display my art for friends and family alike. To be honest my facebook is getting a bit crowded with crochet goodies and can be a bit over whelming. So instead my things can be viewed on here along with progress I am making on new and up coming goodies. It is also a nice place for customers to come and view some of my other projects.

As for me I am a SHAM of two, and "want to be artist/designer of all things cute". When I was ten I was taught how to crochet blankets by my Mother. Before I even made a doll sized one I gave up because I thought that it was boring. Ten years later it was cool to make scarves, so I picked up the hook again and made a dozen or so scarves but, hey row after row of pretty much the same thing was boring so again it was put back on a shelve. About a year and a half ago, not sure why, I decided to pick it up again but I didn't want to do blankets or scarves I wanted to be able to make anything so I needed to learn how to read patterns. It took me a bit but now there are no patterns I cannot read, but I don't really use patterns any more. Instead I make my own patterns and design my own dolls and bears. I also have been diving deep into my love for Studio Ghibli and have been making some pretty cool art dolls based on characters for their movies. Not going to lie but I love them.  So hopefully everyone will enjoy my, not so organized, some times messy, or not kept up to date as well as it should be blog. Feel free to email me with any questions concerning my dolls, I also do commission work if anyone is interested.

Here is my email: 

Thanks again, Enjoy

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