Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sitting on the Down Low

So things here have been not to busy in the crochet area. We have been traveling, visiting, having guests over, and getting sick lately at our home. So me and the hook haven't had much time to work on anything. I finished up some Easter things and baby gifts before the holiday weekend, and I just got my Twinkie Chan Foodie book. I don't normally make things from someone else's patterns but I am an admire of Twinkie and her work and am taking time to work through her patterns as a learning experience. It is interesting how people do things differently and it does go much quicker when I am not crocheting and writing a pattern. I have made the Cake Tissue cozy and am in the process of making the Bomb Pop Scarf. So yeah I guess you can say I have been slacking in my work department but I need some R&R and this is it I think. Don't worry I will have my Princess Bubble Gum made up soon along with a few other new things in the next few weeks.

Just some of the things I made up before the holiday for the littles in my life.

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