Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something New

So my sitting on the down low ended the night that I posted. I ended up having a large order I needed to get done for the Hot*Pop shop that I work with, and then was flooded with online orders. I also decided to design and make a few new things for the shop. So you can pretty much say I have been crocheting till my fingers were blistered ( and they really did get blistered). Things don't seem like they will be slowing down any time soon, but when they do I will make sure to make more regular posts, but until then I will leave you with and introduction to the newest members of the shop.

The Newest Little Dango, I call her RaeRae after my littlest little

A Sanrio Art Doll based after the character Hello Kitty her name is Super Starz Kitty

A Sanrio Art Doll based after the character Hello Kitty her name is Double Rainbow Kitty

And this little one is not up in the shop. I am unsure if I will be adding this design to the shop, I made her as a gift for my good friend who just graduated with her bachelors in Nursing. Hooray Cass!!!
So there you have it. There will be two more styles of Kitties Sweet Heart Kitty and Little Cupcake Kitty, but they are still nothing more then a sketch in my note book. I also plan on having a few more styles of Dangos appearing soon, and maybe some super Kawaii hair-bows, who knows.

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