Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...And I Have Been Lazy

So the weather was finally really nice this weekend, which meant I did pretty much nothing crochet wise this weekend. (A girl has got to get started on her tan you know). ;) I did start to take care of my Easter crochet for the little's. I thought making some small egg shaped plushies of characters they liked would be perfect. So for the bigger of the little's I am making a set from Mario (there will be Mario, Luigi, Micro Gumba, and a Pipe that they can actually fit in). For the littlest of the little's I am making a Totoro set (The big, Med., and Sm ones). I also may have to make two Pikachus since they have requested such. We will have to see.

The Green piece is the going to be the top of the pipe if anyone is curious. :)

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